Why It’s Better to Tick Off Your Mother Than Google, And What to Do If Google Bans You

I was reading of a forum recently and the search engine Google was being compared to someone’s mother. Running with this as the title implies, I’m going to prove to you that it is better to annoy the crap out of your mother, who may begin calling you every day just to guilt trip you for being “mean” to her, than to go at it with Google. There are many different reasons why I say this, but as a webmaster, you had better be ready to meet your new mom, Google. Not as forgiving as the mom you once had growing up, Google is more the cut and dry variety, you get one chance, maybe two, and if you miss them well there is a good chance you’ll be losing a lot more Buy Google Reviews than a few minutes of your day putting up with annoying phone calls.

Google itself is very demanding of web masters, Although I doubt it sees itself that way. For a webmaster to make it in this game, you have to be ready to pour countless hours into your site, and negotiate adding tons of link trades as well as adding as much ORIGINAL content as you humanly can. The problem lies in the fact that while Google loves your original content, it doesn’t seem to like the link trading behaviour that has become an integral part of website design and SEO. Google wants all of your links to occur naturally, that is to say other webmasters are going to link to you for no reason what so ever other than the content on your site.

Okay, that’s fine, we can live with that. That actually makes A LOT of sense. Why would Google want you to get other peoples link love, unless there was something on your site that the other webmaster wanted to share right? I think we can all agree that that is exactly how the web should function. I really don’t recommend it, but if you are determined to not have to make boat loads of content to get natural links coming back there are a few things you could try:You can comment on other people’s blogs and hope they let you put a link there

I’ve tried all of these methods, and only once have I ever had someone link back to me because I linked to them, blog commenting can garner you too many “no-follow” links which apparently Google doesn’t like either and it has harmed my traffic for weeks, and waiting… well if you wait, and you have one link now, chances are in one year, you’ll still have one link. Your traffic will have a hard time increasing, and you will slowly start to lose your once astounding faith in your web endeavour. To think this is all if you haven’t done anything to rub Google the wrong way.

While your mother will eventually let things go, Google is a far more rigid entity. It follows rules, and those rules are often very cut and dry. If your site gets banned from the Google search rankings, then you have got quite the uphill battle getting your site unbanned. This isn’t to say anything is wrong with Google here, and quite honestly many of the sites that do get banned are banned for legitimate reasons; however it does happen where a new webmaster comes into the game, doesn’t really know what they are doing yet, and follows some tips unaware that they are black hat. They may think that they are making great progress for a little while, and then the hammer comes down and Google has removed them from the search rankings, or perhaps only their domain will show up! What now!?

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