The Biggest Mistake We Make About Taking Supplements to Heal Naturally

It is funny because when I read heaps of books about what we need to heal Endometriosis or what minerals we might be deficient in and what we should take, it kinda frustrates me. It is similar to a Western Doctor mentality to me. It is like we are taking the same approach with natural supplements.┬áThere is a problem, so lets fix it with this mineral, this vitamin or whichever element the body is lacking to try and correct the imbalance Private label Chaga. To me,…this is just silly. We are replacing drugs with supplements and that is still not getting to the root cause of why we have the imbalance in the first place.

75% of Reishi supplements don't actually contain Reishi mushroom, says USP  analysis

Why are we Vitamin B deficient? Why do we lack iodine, zinc or iron? Sure, we can replenish these losses with supplements for a short time but ultimately, there is something lacking in either our diet or our absorption methods that are causing these deficiencies. Vitamin B is a vital vitamin for many of the functions our liver needs to detoxify. However, what I found interesting is that it is also the same Vitamin that drops easily when we are stressed. Whether this has something to do with it being used up quicker or whether it is absorbed less effectively is still debatable.

To me, the biggest mistake we make is to not go back to the basics with our healing. We have this philosophy that we can simply take some supplements and this will fix everything. It is kinda like having a deck with old paint on it. Instead of sanding back the deck and applying a fresh coat of pain, we simply plaster more paint on top of it. It might initially protect the wood from the sun but over time, you will get bubbles and you just get this thick layer of “goop” that doesn’t actually do anything for the wood.

Have you ever taken supplements and they simply don’t do anything for your healing? I know I have. I have taken so many supplements, in their singular form and most of the time, I feel like I am just weeing them out! Let me just be sure you get what I am talking about….I am talking about singular supplements like Vitamin B or Iodine or any mineral or vitamin we take on it’s own. To me, this is such a singular way of looking at the body. It is just not that simple!

I get asked in many of my emails what supplements I recommend and what to take to feel better. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of supplements that will help you feel better but….and I must stress, they can’t be taken in their singular form to be really effective. Let me explain.

The first thing that needs to happen for any supplement to be effective, is that it needs to be absorbed by the body – kinda obvious:. There are many foods that actually inhibit absorption – you guessed it: highly processed foods, wheat, sugar and foods made with refined oils. From interfering with the individual cell absorption to our digestive system, these foods create “problems” within our bodies. It creates a “high alert”. This means all of our body works on solving these “problems”, rather than on more important stuff like our healing. It will use up resources – like vitamins and minerals – to do that too. This means, a double wammy! Using up resources and none coming in easily either!

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