Roulette – A Quick Introduction

You walk into a casino and you just want to have some fun, a game which is solely chance, where mathematical skill isn’t an advantage and you don’t need to remember which cards have been played. The answer – roulette; the ultimate game of chance where a ball rolls round a wheel in one direction while the wheel itself spins in the opposite direction.

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The sight of the roulette wheel is familiar to anyone who loves casinos, but did you know that roulette began in France around the eighteenth century? The word roulette itself is actually French for little wheel isherryweek . Nowadays of course, roulette is played in casinos across the world, but be careful; there are some differences between European roulette and American roulette!

Around the wheel are pockets, numbered 1 through 36 plus one extra numbered zero, each one coloured alternately red or black. Here is where American and European roulette differ; the American wheel adds an extra pocket numbered double zero but either way the rules of betting are pretty much the same and entirely random. Your aim is to guess which pocket the little ball will land in when the wheel stops turning and of course there are quite a few ways to place your bet:

Inside bets – this means you bet on a specific number, there are several options here because your bet must add up to the minimum of the table, so here are a few: You can simply put all your money on the one number in what is called a straight up bet, alternatively you can put it on two numbers which are next to each other making a split bet. Of course you can also bet on three numbers or do a few other things but why stop with inside bets…

Outside bets – again you must bet at least the table minimum this time staying outside the realm of the specific numbers. So you can bet on a range of numbers like 1-18 or 19-36, which is called roulette high or low or you can go easy on yourself and bet on the colours black or red. There is always even or odds but more interesting than that would be to bet on a column of numbers so that if the ball lands on any one of the numbers in your chosen column, you bring home the bread.

Now you know the different bets the rest is easy. Usually around eight people can play at each table and at the beginning of the game the dealer will give our different coloured chips so you don’t get confused. To place your bet, you just throw those chips down on the roulette board, set out in a rectangle which has all the different types of bets. Of course, in an online game as offered by websites such as [] it’s just you and the table, and there’s no need to take other players into account, which makes the game very convenient (also, if you follow hot numbers, you can pause the game whenever you want, while in a live casino every bathroom break will also break your tracking).

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