Parking and Transportation Options at Logan Airport

The Logan International Airport in Boston is counted among the 20 busiest USA airports. To handle the huge crowd of passengers and visitors, there are many facilities available at the airport. There are many parking lots that serve different terminal building of the Logan Airport. Central parking garage, terminal B garage and terminal E lots 1 and 2 are the parking facilities that serve the airport.

Besides, there is an economy parking lot which is meant for the long-term parking users. The parking fee is charged on the hourly and daily basis. Additionally, there is an economy parking plan for those who wish to use the lost for up to a week. The economy parking plan is the least expensive one Logan Airport Limo Service. The central parking garage has reserved parking section for the users with disability. Daily Parking rates are $18 for Economy and $24 for regular parking rate.

You must follow the parking signs and directions to reach the parking lots safely. There are many private parking lots like Park Shuttle and Fly and Thrifty Airport Valet Parking that serve the Logan Airport. The airport also has an efficient ground transportation system that helps the passengers and visitors to commute from and to the airport.

Buses are operated by the MBTA Silver Line and Logan Express. The MBTA Blue Line operates train service that serves the Logan Airport Station. The MBTA Harbor Express is the water shuttle which is another useful and affordable form of transportation from the Logan Airport.

Taxi cabs, car rentals, metro services, water taxis, vans and shuttles are other convenient ways of moving from the airport to different parts of the city. The car rental services can be booked online in advance. Make sure that you learn about the fares of different transportation facilities from the airport.

Sweet Chilli Sauce… Delicious, especially with sour cream and wedges. But apparently this delicious combination hasn’t caught on in America, so it’s hard to find. But on the extremely off chance that someone Googles “Where can I find sweet chilli sauce in Boston”, here ’tis. Sweet chilli sauce can be found in the Asian “world” section at the Shaw’s next to the prudential center. (Sorry for the Americanization (sorry for that one too.)

Random info? Definitely, but you don’t know how many Ozzies are looking for sweet chilli sauce. My friend has been here for seven years, and she did not know where any was. So I made her wedges, with sour cream and sweet chilli. After not having them for 3 months, it was the best dinner I’ve ever had. Can’t vouch for her tho.

Many people are convinced that they don’t need a health club membership in order to whip themselves into good physical shape. They think that they possess the ability to exercise on their own. Many people have tight budgets of both time and money and they don’t want to part with either. But belonging to a health club may actually save a person time and money in the long run. Here are 5 reasons to join up:

1) Equipment: Health clubs have set up their businesses by investing in an array of the latest equipment. This equipment is designed to get bodies toned up and physically fit. There are stationary weights, free weights, resistance machines and even personal trainers to ensure that each member uses them correctly. Who can afford to have such an extensive selection of fitness machines in their own home?

2) Personal Trainers: Exercising under the trained guidance of a professional will ensure that a person follows a plan that is just right for them. The right combination of aerobics, strength building maneuvers along with an ample dose of flexibility regimes will give a person the all-over fitness that they need. Following the wrong routine can cause injury and burn out. Personal trainers have been especially educated to avoid these maladies in their clients.

3) Everything under one roof: A fitness center offers machines, weights, and classes all under one roof. No running around from yoga class to dancing class to a home weight roof. Life can be simplified by attending to everything in one place. Just park the car and get fit.

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