How To Get A Paintball Team Sponsorship

The best advice for how to get sponsored in paintball is to start small. Rock stars didn’t start out as rock stars, they started perfecting their music with constant practice in their garage. They also didn’t take their first demo tape to Virgin Records asking for a recording contract. Most rock bands started playing and developing their skills at local bars and venues to build a fan base. Once your team has decided on securing a sponsor, don’t bother asking Empire or Dye paintball, start with smaller companies. Big companies are only interested in the few teams who win the really big competitions to represent them. The first place to start 7.62×39 hunting ammo looking for a sponsorship is your local field. Commercial fields are great partners because they might offer you discounts on paint or free playing time – savings off the most constant expenses associated with regular practice.

When approaching a potential sponsor, it’s not only who you ask, but how that makes a difference as well. Most young players are too drunk on visions of stardom and free paintball gear to realize they’re trying to enter a business deal… while bringing nothing to the negotiating table. Most teams asking for a paintball sponsorship tell the company they will wear the company’s logo on their jerseys when they play in local tournaments to help advertise their brand in exchange for money and free equipment. What they don’t realize is this is not a realistic (or reasonable) trade. The fact is no one cares what type of paintball gun you shoot when you’re a nobody. Brand names only get more popular when they’re seen being worn by popular, famous people, not nobodies. Sometimes this is a painful realization but until you’re a famous professional paintball athlete, offering your back as an advertising space in exchange for free gear will not land you the sponsorship you hoped for.

Paintball companies (big and small) get tons of requests for athletes wanting sponsorship however accept very few. This is because they are in business to make money and it’s too costly to pay a bunch of kids with very little sphere of influence with free paintball gear. From a business standpoint, unless the business needs a write-off, sponsoring most paintball teams is a terrible investment and dollar for dollar, makes no sense… unless the team actually works. The best way to score a paintball sponsorship is to offer the company you want to work with something they can use. By offering actual work that may save the company money somehow, they can justify paying you with discounts, free gear or even money. The next step is trying to think like the business owner so you make an initial offer that will be appealing and catch their interest. Instead of the same old boring team resume’ with who uses what gun and your list of competition achievements, write a paragraph or two detailing how you can help their business.

If you play at a local commercial field, scoring a sponsorship could mean saving lots of money on playing time/membership dues, equipment and even expensive paintballs. When asking the company however, remember selling ammo and entry fees are the way these companies make money. Simply offering to represent them in local tournaments while they pay your way is a sure way to get a negative response. Time and sweat are your best bargaining chips for getting sponsored by commercial fields. Offer the owner your time as a ref during games or help cleaning up his facility in exchange for discounted services or paying your team’s entry fees for your next competition. The work you do will help make his place look better and save him on having to pay wages and taxes on man hours. When he pays your way into a meet or sponsors you with discounted equipment, he can use this as a charity write-off on his taxes.

Scoring a paintball sponsorship is very much a numbers game. Once you have your act together, the more companies you can contact, the better your chances are of getting a yes. The best place to find the most paintball companies is on the internet; comparatively, there are few brick and mortar paintball stores and fields, however there are literally thousands of online companies that sell paintball equipment. When contacting an internet company, the best thing to offer them in exchange for payment of discounts or free paintball gear is your writing skills. Most online businesses do not have actual storefronts (and only exist online) so helping them with physical man hours is useless, however helping them with their online presence is valuable. Online businesses do better when they get lots of back links from people writing about how great their company is on chat rooms and blog sites. If you want to be sponsored by an online paintball store, offer them your services for writing blogs and articles about paintball with links pointing back to their store and you will get several who are willing to hire you.

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