Google Panda Update For Better Overall User Experience

When I search Google or Bing for a certain topic and get stupid results, I get frustrated just like everyone else. It irritates me to find rubbish results on the first page when I search Google. There I was, looking for an answer but what comes out on top are irrelevant sites. Whereas, it seems that the more significant sites gathered from the search results are often found at the succeeding pages and not on the first page.

It maybe that a lot of users experience the same thing, that is why Google made some alteration in their algorithm. Although they often do this, some updates are felt harder than others scraping google . One such update that is really hard-hitting is the Google’s Panda Update.

This new algorithm aims to improve overall search quality, as Google explained. It is targeted to go after content farms and spam sites. These are sites with really bad quality, with short articles no better than ads, written poorly, or scraped from other sites.

Did Google figure out that it is time to do some cleaning and get rid of these bad contents and scraper sites? I for one, am delighted about this algorithm improvement that they did back in February of this year. I noticed before that a lot of sites have copied contents from other websites, and even ranked higher than the site that they copied the original articles from.

With Google Panda Update or what search engine guru Danny Sullivan referred to as the Farmer Update, even pages with too many ads or placements that made the contents looked less important or with lesser spotlight, got nailed so to speak. But it did not just affected small websites whose rankings plummeted surprisingly. Large companies like Mahalo and Buzzle were also hit hard. Clearly, a slap in the face from this panda is not funny at all.

For the search engine users, like students and casual browsers, this is a good thing. Rather than showing 100 pages showing duplicate contents, what they will get are better search results and hopefully more significant answers to what they need to find.

It’s not easy to make money with Google AdSense. You would think that all people have to do is click on these hosted ads and that you will become wealthy in a short period of time. And in some instances, making money with Google AdSense can be harder than earning money with a $7 eBook.

Don’t believe me? If not, then simply look into your own business. Are you getting the kind of AdSense income that you were looking for? If not, then I guess you get my point. The bottom line is that if you want to have success with Google AdSense, some things have to be in line to make money with the income opportunity.

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Your content is the only reason why people will want to visit your site. And if you want to get recurring visitors, you will need to provide content that is stunning and good. No matter what niche you’re in, the bottom line is that you will need some very good content to keep your readers happy – and to get targeted AdSense ads to show up – thereby increasing the chances that people will click on something that people are interested in.

Some online business owners like to take the easy way out and use article scraper or article spinning software and try to create content for their site that way. Unfortunately, this will do nothing for your visitor. Your visitor will take about 10 seconds to see if they can understand the gibberish that the article spinner created, then will exit out of your site.

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