Fishing Worms

Fishing worms, what are fishing worms? Are they the multi colored pieces of plastic formed into the shape of a worm used by Largemouth bass anglers or are they the creatures that live in the ground and eat dirt? When it comes to fishing, a fishing worm has to be the creature that lives in the bensupstairs review best axe for splitting wood ground and has been universally known as fishing bait since the dawn of time in my opinion. As a matter of fact when a live worm is fished in the proper manner, their use can be considered every bit the art form that those people who wave feathers back and forth consider their form of fishing to be. In my opinion the flea flickers have cornered the market on the term ‘art’ long enough. If I had my way, I don’t think the guys using the multi colored pieces of plastic attached to 20 pound test should have the market cornered on the term ‘worm fishing’ either.

So what is the proper way to present a fishing worm? The best way to present a live fishing worm as bait is through the use of a set of gang hooks. Size 8 or 10 are usually perfect for live worms. What is a set of gang hooks? A set of gang hooks is simply two hooks tied in tandem. This enables you (the angler) to present the worm outstretched and naturally. When rigged on a set of gang hooks the worm looks as it would without ant hooks in it! This is obviously an incredible advantage to you (the angler). The more natural you bait looks, the more likely a fish is to bite it.

Now that I’ve explained the best way to rig a fishing worm, I’ll also tell you the best way to carry fishing worms with you. For many years I carried my Styrofoam container of worms with my while fishing. I stuffed it in my vest pocket, or whatever and it was really inconvenient. Then I fashioned my own bait bag for carrying my worms. It was great. Then I simply started removing my fishing worms from the Styrofoam container, placing them into my bait bag, and going fishing. It was awesome, and is now the way I carry my live fishing worms. The worms just sit there, in the bait bag that’s hanging on my vest, waiting to be used! This way your fishing worms are literally, “at your fingertips”. Fashion yourself or purchase yourself a bait bag, and you’ll never fish with live worms without one, I promise you that.

Fishing worms have been known to be wonderful fishing bait since man first started fishing, and if you begin employing these techniques, coupled with the use of ultra light fishing gear, fishing with live worms becomes every bit the art form that any other fishing technique claims itself to be. Remember what Steven Wright said of all of us anglers: “There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore looking like an idiot.” This is very true, and one of my goals is simply to avoid being the person standing on the shore looking like an idiot!

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