Cutest Dolls Ever – Lalaloopsy Dolls

We are all living in a plastic age. Habitual to all things plastic, what is artificial has become a part of our daily lives, in spite of knowing that it’s harmful to us. What makes the trend look even more disgusting is the introduction of plastic to our children vis-à-vis toys. Toy stores are a children’s delight, and for parents at times, it turns into nothing less than a nightmare. With children hankering after toys from netherland, yielding is quite the only way out for parents to avoid an anticipated ruckus ラブドール . Few parents pay attention to the fact that, what they have bought for their child is harmful plastic, something, which should have been shunned at first glance.

Lalaloopsy dolls are one of the best toy creations to keep your wonderfully adorable princess occupied with her play. A world apart from plastic the beautiful dolls are crafted from things that are as simple and plain as a needle, thread and fabric. The cuddly creations are basically rag dolls that were introduced into the market by MGA Entertainment. The company had also launched the famous Bratz and the Best Friends Club.

Each Lalaloopsy doll is a magical creation in itself. Made from fabric of different colors that are cleverly matched, the dolls imbue a character symbolic of the fabric color they are sewn from. Their unique button eyes, tasteful hairdos, attractively designed frocks, matching stockings and other accessories make them instantly adorable. So far there are 13 Lalaloopsy dolls and each one of them adorns a gorgeous look.

Crumb Sugar Cookie is a Lalaloopsy doll that quite as the name suggests loves everything sweet. Sewn from pieces of baking apron this doll is a super sweet delight. It is said to have impeccable manners and a loving nature ready to treat all its friends. What makes her even more special is her pet mouse, for the mouse loves cookies too.

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