Compare Options When Purchasing a New Power Wheelchair

Take the time to compare options when buying a power wheelchair; it is an important purchase and you need to take several factors into account. Different models are best for different disabilities, different spaces through which the user normally moves, and different budgets, including contributions from insurance or Medicare.

Electric wheelchairs offer mobility for the disabled without dmv handicap placard the strain of pushing a wheelchair. If you are unable to use a manual wheelchair because of your disability, an electric wheelchair may be the only option to achieve independent mobility. Many models of electric wheelchair come with a certain level of clearance, and are capable of crossing thresholds of up to three inches, permitting you to pass through raised doorways and making these products more useful than manual wheelchairs.

Travel wheelchairs make traveling more convenient, especially if you travel frequently. These lightweight models can be taken by car or airplane, disassembling or folding to save space. You can purchase a loading mechanism to put a heavier wheelchair in the back of a vehicle. A travel wheelchair may not be right for you if you do not travel frequently, or if you need a larger wheelchair for your weight, but wheelchair rental services are available for travelers.

If you weigh more than a certain amount, you may need a heavy-duty wheelchair. Wheelchairs can be purchased with varying maximum weight support; heavy-duty units can carry 400, 500, or even 600-675 pounds. An average electric wheelchair can carry 250-300 pounds. Heavy-duty wheelchairs are more expensive, but Medicare or insurance may cover the cost.

Some higher-end wheelchairs are not covered by Medicare or insurance. You should only buy one of these wheelchairs if you are not covered by Medicare or insurance, if you have the money to buy your favorite higher-end model, or if you physically require a specific model which is not covered. Some businesses will take care of the Medicare paperwork for you at no extra cost, so be sure to ask them which products are covered.

Power scooters are more economical, and can be an excellent choice for people with impaired mobility. These units are bulkier, and you may not be able to navigate them in your home, but if you can get around your own home using a cane, a power scooter can provide greater mobility outside. If you are disabled and are looking for an economic way to travel without having to push a wheelchair, you can use a power scooter and leave the wheelchair at home.

A power wheelchair is an important investment. You can’t ask for a replacement from your insurance company or Medicare for several years after purchasing one, so make sure you get the one that best meets your needs. Ask your doctor or physical therapist for help in making this decision.

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